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The Science Of Sleep

Read about the correlation between sleep and mental health. Learn how our approach could benefit your students.

What the Experts are Saying

Did you know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that schools provide sleep education?  

"Education and the application of policies regarding sleep hygiene may prevent, in some cases, the development of depression and improve the quality of sleep in other cases."

João Dinis and Miguel Bragança

"Interventions designed to improve sleep during the high-school years may prevent depression among young people in their early 20s when an individual’s risk of depression is highest, the researchers suggest."


Poala Scommegna

"Inadequate sleep was associated with significantly increased odds of frequent mental distress."


Amanda Blackwelder, MPH; Mikhail Hoskins, MPH; Larissa Huber, PhD 

“I think high school is the real danger spot in terms of sleep deprivation,”


William Dement, MD, PhD, 

"This chronic sleep deprivation may impair academic performance, mood regulation, and driving safety."

Shelley D Hershner and Ronald D Chervin

"Education and the applica

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