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Founder and Executive Director

Nancy is a student at Columbia University, committed to helping youth sleep better and improve their mental health. She moved to Los Angeles following the civil war in her homeland of Syria and found a passion for helping others as a social entrepreneur. Her dedication earned her such accolades as Zurich Foundation Scholar, Clinton Global Initiative University Fellow, One Young World Ambassador, and Millennium Campus Director Fellow under the United Nations Academic Impact.

 As a junior high school student, Nancy found herself sleepy even after waking up from a nine-hour rest. Realizing the sleep deprivation epidemic among youth while she was hospitalized, she began extensive research on the effects of sleep on the human body and daily lives and the direct correlation between socioeconomic status and sleep challenges. Finding very few resources available, she was inspired to launch End No Sleep.

Board Members 

Holly Eve

Jessica English

Ben Supple

Cassie Pauley

Dr. Joshua Roland

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