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End No Sleep is a California-based (501)(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to empower high school students to optimize mental well-being through preventative care by prioritizing regular sleep habits for optimum brain function. Its holistic curriculum guides students through the science of sleep, its impact on mental, emotional, and social health, and provides evidence-based tips and interactive, mindfulness exercises for improved sleep patterns.



Goal of students educated by 2030.


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Colorful Elegant Linear Steps Process Diagram.png

Helen Somerville, High School Principal, Egypt

"End No Sleep spoke with our High School students and it was such an eye opening presentation. In a culture where students stay up well past midnight regularly and have very irregular sleep patterns, it was so insightful for them to hear the impact of such patterns on their emotional and physical well-being. On a different level, hearing the work that the members of End No Sleep do presented to our students a very new concept in an area they don’t actively focus on. They enjoyed hearing from someone who is passionate about this topic and working to raise awareness. They were able to see how they can engage in the same process for a topic they are passionate about and make a difference through small but consistent actions."

Why Sleep?

A Preventative Mental Health Approach Backed by Science

Sleep is not just a luxury; it's a fundamental necessity for our mental well-being. Research consistently shows that sleep plays a crucial role in optimizing mental health, especially in young adults. 

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End No Sleep is on a mission to empower high school students with the knowledge and tools to prioritize sleep and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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